Internet of Things pose privacy worries

U.S. Homeland Security official predicts great “risk of privacy harm in IoT” By Matt Hamblen Billions of coming Internet of Things sensors pose troubling privacy concerns about the movements and behaviors of average citizens, according to government officials, including one attorney for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “If past is prolong in how industry […]

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Economic benefits of a smart city

  By Matt Hamblen ABI analyst Dominique Bonte offers some of the smartest insights on smart cities tech I’ve read.  In a recent report, he described the positive impact of smart city tech on economic development.  Economic development came in fourth behind cost savings, livability and safety and security in an ABI poll, but deserves […]

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5G wireless matters to smart cities

By Matt Hamblen CES 2018 in Las Vegas featured a number of 2018 predictions for 5G wireless rollouts which could prove vital to city CIO’s who need faster bandwidth and lower latency connections to self-driving vehicles and a variety of video sensors. At one keynote session, CES attendees heard from Baidu, Verizon and Qualcomm executives […]

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DOT head Chao calls for regulatory limits

By Matt Hamblen U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao called for removing regulatory barriers on innovative technologies, including emerging self-driving vehicles, during a Wednesday conference appearance at CES 2018. At the same time, she warned the technology community to understand the fears of average citizens who don’t understand fully the value of self-driving vehicles in […]

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