Smart cities will need tech workers

Smart cities tech will boost jobs in analytics, cybersecurity and more, CompTIA says Federal aid package calls for $220 million a year for smart cities By Matt Hamblen The smart cities movement has garnered major backing from heavy hitters in the tech field, including the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) based in Washington. The group […]

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Dockless bikesharing for all

By Matt Hamblen A big theme of the Smart Cities Week in early October was finding ways to serve poor communities in cities and counties with new technologies, especially with transportation needs. One idea came from startup LimeBike which now offers solar-powered 3G and GPS smart bikes in 20 communities, including in Washington, D.C., the site […]

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Moscow still rates as a smart city

Moscow didn’t win top billing as the 2017 Intelligent Community of the Year, but that doesn’t mean it has somehow fallen very short. The top honor given June 8 by the Intelligent Community Forum went instead to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Melbourne is vastly different, and smaller, than Moscow, of course, but both cities were finalists […]

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The Hat’s blog (Matt Hamblen)

Greetings! I’m covering all the fascinating topics involved with smart cities. That includes tech, like sensors and data aggregation and security and privacy. But it also involves a social aspect: how city folk feel about privacy with sensors that monitor their movements and more.  I hope this can be an instructive blog with the […]

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